Managed Support Services

C-SAU provides real-world technical managed support services for clients who require a higher level of operational readiness. Some of our clients include international agencies with particular requirements during certain periods where a higher level of support is needed. Other clients need a host of specialized services, managed by our Special Applications Unit.

Response Time

C-SAU is the only full-service corrections special operations organizations with direct access to Fixed Wing and Rotary assets. These assets allow C-SAU to be anywhere within the CONUS or OCONUS within hours.

Priority 1
Alert within 6-12 hours Direct Action Contingency and Assets

Priority 2
Alert within 12-16 hours Advisory and Contingent Assets

Priority 3
Alert Personnel By Air, Major Mobile Assets via Ground Movement 8 – 48 hours

Client CSO Assets Management

C-SAU manages and advises clients on CSO Unit logistics, procurement, and management. Through manufacture direct consulting and testing and evaluation capabilities, C-SAU has managed each client’s logistical requirements with effectiveness and efficiency. Ensuring that the agencies only purchase relevant and proven technology, assets, resources, and personnel that meets the CSO Matrix and agency philosophy

Real World Ancillary Support Services

C-SAU has provided level one ancillary support services for a wide variety of county, state, and international government jail/prison agencies.

Ancillary services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Real World Major High-Intensity Inmate Conflicts (HIIC)
  • Real World High-Risk Inmate Movement
  • Real World High-Risk Interdiction Crisis Intervention Response
  • Other Real World Classified Operations