Mission Focused, Goal Oriented, and Results Driven.

C-SAU is a global provider and specialist of High-Risk Corrections Special Operations and mitigation. C-SAU is not only the largest but most experienced full-service government provider of Corrections Special Operations services. C-SAU has over two decades of proven operational success stories that range from providing full-service training, consulting, and real-world response.

Core Competencies

C-SAU’s unique ability to understand and mitigate inmate insurrection and emergencies comes from its founders who have spent years working in the corrections special operations community. Since the 1990s, after a series of significant prison riots that took the lives of corrections professionals, a challenge was made to create new and different approaches to handling inmate riots. CSAU was formed in response to this “call for action,” and we set out to change the culture of the failing, traditional corrections emergency response team practices and tactics.

We are uniquely qualified as an organization to meet the demands of any corrections client. Our founders developed, implemented and executed proven tactical operations, consulting and services. A record of 100% accuracy for over 20 years makes CSAU unmatched and unequaled in the industry.

Core Values

C-SAU is committed to innovation, excellence, and sustainability, creating value for the agencies who employ our services. We will continually strive to develop and provide the highest quality legally-based training programs, services, and consulting practices, with the highest level of accountability. We value life, and we are committed to the safety and security of both officer and inmate alike, and therefore utilize the best innovations in modern technology, tactics, and techniques.

Global Reach

C-SAU has served agencies from Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and the South Pacific. Providing a variety of services to the International Department of State (DOS) approved countries, assisting prison special ops teams with emerging and current inmate/prison security and threat issues.


Our Staff has decades of operational, consulting and real-world corrections special operations, Military and Law Enforcement experiences, C-SAU cadre, and support personnel are unmatched within the corrections community.  C-SAU’s founders and Level 1 cadre combined have trained, worked, been operationally deployed or assisted other CSO units in over 500 facilities worldwide.