When response time matters… CSAU Should be your first call.

This 2 part series of Law Enforcement Sensitive Reports addresses issues and the reality correctional facilities and every administrator, Corrections Special Ops Unit needs to be prepared for.  To request your password for Part 1 or Part 2, please email info@csau1.com

Special Applications Unit

C-SAU is the nation’s only full-service High-Risk Corrections Special Operations Mitigation Unit.  C-SAU deploys real-world assets, personnel, and logistics to correctional facilities globally to assist in a variety of CSO High-Risk Special Projects.

No other NGO offers personnel, specialized equipment or resources to meet today’s and tomorrow’s High-Risk Inmate challenges and threats.

C-SAU’s capabilities make it uniquely qualified to meet any government correctional / prison facility operational matrix and high-risk real-time threats.

When you need us.

C-SAU’s unique ability to understand and mitigate inmate insurrection and emergencies comes from its founders who have spent decades working in the corrections special operations community. From the mid-1990s, after a series of significant prison riots that took the lives of corrections professionals, the corrections community was compelled to create new and different approaches to handling inmate riots.  C-SAU was formed in response to this “call for action,” and we set out to change the culture of the failing, traditional corrections emergency response team practices and tactics.
Our experience, technical assets, and personnel make us uniquely qualified as an organization to meet the demands placed on our clients by their violent inmates globally.  Our founders developed, implemented and executed proven asymmetrical tactical, operational matrixes, consulting and services.  Our experienced personnel and instructors have a 100% mission success for over 20 years which makes C-SAU an unmatched and unequaled in the industry.
C-SAU is the only corrections special operations organizations with direct access to Fixed Wing and Rotary assets. These assets allow C-SAU to be anywhere within the CONUS or OCONUS within hours.

Priority 1
Alert within 6-12 hrs Direct Action Contingency and Assets

Priority 2
Alert within 12-16 hrs Advisory and Contingent Assets

Priority 3
Alert Personnel By Air, Major Mobile Assets via Ground 8 – 48 Hrs

Global Reach

CSAU has served agencies from Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and the South Pacific. Providing a variety of services to International Department of State (DOS) approved countries, assisting prison special ops teams with emerging and current inmate/prison security and threat issues.


With over two decades of operational, consulting and real world corrections special operations experiences, CSAU is unmatched within the corrections community. CSAU’s founders and cadre, have trained, worked, been operationally deployed or assisted other units in over 500 facilities worldwide.

Exclusive KEL-TEC Armor

CSAU is proud to be the Exclusive Master Armor Program for the KSG, KS7, RDB for Law Enforcement, Military, and Civilian Globally. To accommodate all agencies and Units, we have set up a Mobile Armor Unit. Call today for class schedule and or to schedule a host class at your facility location.